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We were registered as a legal entity in 2004. Our agency team consists of creative professionals with long experience in web-design, web-development, html-coding, usability, search engine optimization (SEO) and web site promotion. Our credo - comprehensive approach to effective web site creation.

We have 7 specialists in our team:

  • Art Director
    Author of most of the web sites made by our company.

  • Technical Director
    Head of all technical processes during web site creation, developer of two generations of our own content management system.

  • Web Programmer
    Fast up-and-coming programmer, develops about half of our websites.

  • Designer
    Indespensible creative specialist with great potential and energy.

  • HTML Coder
    Specialist in html standards, specifications, tricks and browsers. A top class html coder.

  • Flash Designer
    Author of everything that moves on our web sites

  • Project Manager
    One of the key figures in our web agencys functioning. She is responsible for negotiating contracts, making business proposals, and handles other essential business matters.

More and more companies are coming to us for website redesign. Nowadays, websites are mostly in need of 
being refreshed - having graphics and information structure renewed. Additionally, we recommend search engine optimization and website promotion to attract a higher target audience to your site.


Address: 13 Ippodromnaya st., Kazan, Russia, 420049
Phone: +7 843 251-033-31,
+7 960 053-82-51
ICQ: 176971446

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